Role of the Gambling Advertising Agency in Promoting the Poker Industry in Malaysia

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Role of the Gambling Advertising Agency in Promoting the Poker Industry in Malaysia

As per a recent survey report in the National Institute of Legal Research (NILA), gambling advertising has become a major industry in Malaysia. The gambling advertising law in Malaysia is called the Gambling Advertising Act 1992. In this law, it is prohibited to display any form of gambling advertising material within the country. Any individual contravening the law may be fined up to Malaysia’s government revenue.

Recently, a number of advertisements regarding gambling have been censored by Malaysian law. For example, all print materials related to the lottery and horse racing were ordered to be destroyed within one month from the date of implementation. This was done in preparation for a ban on gambling advertising according to an upcoming initiative of the Monetary Authority of Malaysia (MAM) and its National Development Department (NDD). As per the directive, all gambling advertisement material that contains images of gambling are to be destroyed and those containing sales promotion have to be published with appropriate symbols. All print materials that serve as billboards in Malaysia are also required to abide by this law.

The gambling industry of Malaysia is emerging as a major global business. A number of countries in the world, including Malaysia, are currently seeing growth in the gambling industry as a result of rising demand and development in the economy. The gambling industry in Malaysia is expected to increase in size to over US$ 28 billion by the year 2021. It is projected to reach US$ 50 billion by then.

The main source of income in the gambling industry in Malaysia is through state-supported casinos. The government has long maintained that it does not interfere in the private lives of individuals. However, in practice, it limits gambling activities to licensed gaming establishments only. Those who operate unlicensed gambling establishments are subject to immediate action by law enforcement authorities. The law also prohibits gambling advertising.

The main factor behind the successful gambling industry in Malaysia is the intense promotion by the government of a glamorous and vibrant gambling scene. This has increased the popularity of the gambling industry in Malaysia and also draws tourists from across the world. There is also an active and progressive network of Malayans who come to Malaysia for gambling holidays.

The success of gambling advertising agencies in Malaysia is due to their consistent promotion of games and their ability to attract the maximum number of players. It is the job of the gambling advertising agency to ensure that maximum number of people visit the gambling establishments on a daily basis. They create buzz about the games by releasing banners and other media such as newsprint and radio. They engage in community awareness programs and distribute newsletters to all households. They encourage gambling enthusiasts to come and visit the gambling clubs. Through these efforts, the number of visitors to the gambling establishments increases and they soon outnumber the residents.

Gambling advertising agencies also promote by way of print advertisements in local magazines. These ads are designed attractively to make the reader interested in gambling literature. There are various print advertising agencies in Malaysia, who specialize in the production of print advertisements for the gambling industry. They have created a storm among the readers of the magazines by creating innovative and funny advertisements. Their creativity pays off in the kind of response that they receive from the readers.

The success of the gambling industry in Malaysia is due to the large number of people who become patrons of the gambling establishments. Gambling advertising agencies are instrumental in attracting the customers towards the gambling clubs. The gambling industry also employs many people in the form of managers, bouncers, technicians and waiters. Some of these employees earn some extra money by helping in the operation of the gambling establishments. Thus it is not only the rich who get attracted towards the gambling industry in Malaysia.