Online Casino Malaysia – No Turnover

Malaysia has built a name for itself in the online casino gambling community and for good reason. With an area of nearly ten million square kilometers, and with an ocean border on one side, the country is a logical choice for any online gaming business. The online gambling industry in Malaysia has grown by leaps and bounds over the last twenty years. Now, the Gambling Commission of Malaysia has taken some action to try to protect its people from online scams and money laundering.

online casino malaysia no turnover

First, the Gambling Commission created a website that they called the “Esports Malaysia portal” which contained basic information about the game of gambling and offered basic features such as online casino Malaysia no turnover jackpots. Unfortunately, this portal was never launched. In the mean time, the UST or the online casino Malaysia news released an article by Steve Bilan, a well respected name in the online casino industry. This article discusses Steve Bilan’s thoughts on the matter, as well as the changes that the UST has brought to the jackpot slot machines that used to be available only in the Malays, Singaporeans, Chinese, and other Asians areas.

After reading the article, I asked myself what changed? Was the jackpot growing on the old machines? Did the new machines take away from the old ones? Or, was it all the same? In looking at this issue more closely, I decided that it appears that the new “skill” machines in Malaysia have taken away from the “no turnover” slots.

What is the “skill” in the UST jargon? It appears that the new “skill” machines in Malaysia are now hitting the jackpot more often than the old no-swindler machines. That is a pretty big change, isn’t it? I suppose the casino management figured that they needed to keep the jackpots small so that folks would play there. Now, if you hit these skill slots, you can expect to hit bigger jackpots, right?

What about the new online casino Malaysia? The online casino started out in 2001 with a bang, but things didn’t go very well. Malayans didn’t like gambling online, and they really didn’t care for the online casinos at all in Malaysia. So the government basically killed the online casino project, which somewhat surprised me.

Well, it looks as though the government has not been entirely forthcoming with support of the online casino business in Malaysia. It may have been left up to a few crony companies in the country to pick up where they left off, but that hardly means that the online casino in Malaysia is going to thrive. The reason is fairly simple. Most folks who are familiar with online casino games don’t really understand how much of a skill games online casino can teach you.

Most people who want to play online casino will not go beyond the basic skills that most games call for. If you want to win, then you need more than luck. You need smarts. That is why online casino Malaysia just doesn’t have it. If it had, then the online casino gambling experience would be a whole lot more exciting. It simply lacks the depth necessary to generate a new influx of visitors.

The good news is, there are companies out there that will help you learn the game. There are online casinos that will help train you. There are even online casino gambling websites that offer no-deposit bingo and other non-creditable play games for newcomers. If you really want to play online casino Malaysia then this is the place to look. At least you’ll get to try out new games before you spend a dime!