Malaysian Poker Player

If you are a poker player who is just starting out, a good question to ask yourself is: Where did I come from? Did I come here for the chips or the people? You may be surprised to find out that you were among the first generation of Malaysian poker players to hone their skills in the game. And why not? Malaysia is a great place to do some serious poker play.

Malaysian poker player

The real secret to becoming a successful Malaysian poker player may surprise you. It’s all in the growing up. As a country, Malaysia literally has thousands of poker games, most of which have been played by international players that became household names. From super stars like Jamie Gold to long-time players like Kibodha Samant and many others, every Malaysian has experienced the thrill and the fun of poker played in Malaysia.

Now consider for a moment how your personal growth will be depending on the success you experience. If you are lucky enough to win big time when playing in a tournament, that’s a great head start for your poker career. In fact, there is hardly anyMalay that has missed out on a single poker tournament and if you happen to miss the chance, chances are you will end up trying harder to win later down the road.

There are two types of tournaments that are common in Malaysia for both amateurs and professionals to participate in. The first is the one that starts with low buy-in pots and ends with the player with the biggest score taking all the prizes. The other is the one where the final table consists of only the top three players. Most poker players know these types of tournaments and they prefer to play in them rather than in low stakes where they do not get many chances of winning big.

However, the growing number of online poker industry is a clear indication of the growing popularity of the game. As more people get into this growing industry, there is a rising demand for professionals in the field. Thus, the number of websites doing business in Malaysia increases which in turn makes the competition even stiffer. It is not uncommon for a new player to start his/her career playing at online poker rooms. They do so because they are aware of the growing number of people playing the game in their country. Online poker has a high prize pool and growing popularity in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, there are many websites that do have professional poker players listed on their lists of players with the highest all-time money lists. This makes it easy for players from all over the world to register with the poker websites and try to play their favorite games in their part of the world. Moreover, many poker players from different countries come to Malaysia to participate in numerous tournaments that the country is hosting in its biennial event known as the Malay Poker Tournament. Winning a tournament becomes very easy in Malaysia as compared to other countries.

The growing number of Malaysian poker players has given rise to several online sites that host tournaments and offer various prizes for the winners. Some of these sites also provide the facilities of betting, though online poker remains the favourite sport among the poker players here. The growing recognition of online gambling gives it an edge over all traditional gambling and casinos in the country. The government has been instrumental in making online gambling legal in Malaysia and has even set up several tax free zones around the country to attract people towards online gambling. Thus, the country is experiencing an exponential growth in the number of players joining online poker tournaments.

In fact, the growing interest for Malaysian poker players has made some players move out to different countries in pursuit of success. One such player is Rob “Nickson” Johnson, who moved out to New York to hone his skills. However, once he got the chance to play in the World Poker Tour, he decided to stay in Malaysia and pursue his dream of becoming a world poker champion. Malaysian poker players are attracting the attention of big names in the sport as they are showing great potential. In fact, there are already several promising young talents in this field who have made the grade and are earning lucrative prize money by playing in Malaysia and in other parts of the world.