Malaysia Casino Law – A Comprehensive Guide

malaysia casino law

Malaysia Casino Law – A Comprehensive Guide

The Gaming and Sports Authority of Malaysia have released a list of twenty-one criteria that online gambling operators must follow to operate legally in the country. According to this law, all operators must have a license from Gambling Commission of Malaysia (Gambling Commission), and they will have to stick to the criteria laid out by them. Those who receive such licenses will be authorized to operate gaming tables online. This is the first regulation that was introduced in Malaysia.

Before this law was implemented, only in the small cities of Langkawi and Melaka had online casinos. It is important to note that despite of this law, some operators still operate their online casino businesses in these areas. They do this so as not to be stopped by the law. Others are concerned that the move will prevent them from doing business in their chosen areas, which in effect, they have a right to do.

The reasons why the online gambling industry has not spread widely in other regions of the country are mainly two-fold. One is that the local population is generally against online gambling. Two is that it takes a lot of time, money and energy to set up an online casino in a place where people live, work and shop. Plus, it needs significant local investment. Because of these reasons, it is not easy for the online gambling industry to penetrate the local economy.

Many operators have tried to circumvent the law by registering their business overseas. However, this is not legal in Malaysia. Moreover, there are instances wherein online casinos are fronts set up by criminal syndicates to launder money and run criminal operations. Thus, all operators should be careful with whom they deal and especially, they should always check on their clients before allowing them to access their online casinos.

As of now, online gambling is very popular in Malaysia. This is due to the general acceptance of online gambling. Most citizens in Malaysia feel that online gambling is harmless. On the other hand, there are some who are still wary about it. Criminal groups have been known to target online gamblers in order to fund their illegal activities. Because of this reason, online law have been formulated in order to control online gambling in the country.

All online casinos are required to register in Malaysia. This is done by the Malaysian Department of Trade and Industry. Upon registration, operators can operate online casinos. They also have to follow the set laws and regulation for operating a licensed online casino. All online casinos need the approval of the Malaysian Board of Immigration in order to operate legally in the country.

Because of the many benefits of online casinos, law in Malaysia has been made more stringent. The law does not allow online gaming to take place within the same premises as gambling. This means that an online casino cannot be installed in a house or apartment block where gambling is taking place. If an online casino operates out of these places, they risk being shutdown. The operators of online casinos are therefore required to secure proper gaming space in residential areas and government institutions.

Authorities are very determined in stopping people from being able to access online gambling sites. Recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs sent warning letters to five operators of online casinos. They are KMS Gaming, Real Deal Casino, Golden Casino, Limbo Entertainment and Golden Corporation. In the letter, the ministry demanded that these operators remove the poker chips from their websites. It is believed that these operators will remove the poker chips on request. However, this has not happened as yet.