Life in Malaysia

Living in Malaysia is definitely a very enjoyable experience for expats from any country. This country located on the western tip of Southeast Asian, has much to offer when it comes to cultural diversity. Spending some time in Malaysia can turn out to be a truly life changing experience.

Life in malaysia

One of the best features about living in Malaysia is that there are many different cultures. There are Malays who are predominantly Muslim, but there are also Chinese and Indian influences in their culture. Of course, there have been incidents where non-Muslims have also been mistreated by Muslims.

Another great thing about the country is the weather. Malaysia has been called ‘The Land of the Sun’ for its warm climate. Some areas get up to ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit during the day and only forty-five to fifty degrees Fahrenheit at night. The humidity level is relatively low in most areas as well.

The cuisine in Malaysia is also excellent. The main food that is eaten in Malaysia are rice, curry, chicken and noodles. If you are interested in Western or even Eastern style foods you might want to stay in one of the cities, like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. There are plenty of local cuisines that are very popular among expats in the region.

The people in Malaysia are extremely friendly and welcoming. You might not feel at home in the expat community unless you feel welcome and cared for. So living in a country like Malaysia is like being in a home away from home.

The economy of Malaysia also helps to make life much easier. In fact, it is often said that Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia. So it makes sense to look into buying a property in one of the major cities like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Also, you will be able to find many different business opportunities in Malaysia. So if you are looking to start your own business, one of the best places to look is Malaysia. Malaysia because you will find opportunities galore in the country, especially in the small but growing city of Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia also has a great coastline with many beaches that are perfect for relaxing. vacations. So living in Malaysia means that you will never be short of activities. Even the weather in some parts of the country can be quite balmy in the morning!

If you do a little research on the Internet, you can learn a lot about the various expatriate communities that are found in Malaysia. You can even find out about the different cultures in Malaysia. So if you are interested in doing a little cultural research, you should look into looking into a part of Malaysia such as the north or the east coast or the south.

Malaysia also offers a great deal for foreign students studying abroad. In fact, Malaysia has become the top destination for foreign students. The government also offers a good number of scholarships and student loans to help those who wish to study in Malaysia. If you are interested in doing a degree in a university that is not a part of Malaysia, then you can even look into applying to the universities in Singapore or Malaysia itself.

There are some great options available for expats looking to buy or rent in Malaysia as well. You can find apartments for rent in the country. condos, villas and condominiums all over the island and in some areas of Malaysia.

Malaysia also has a good amount of water parks and pools as well. In fact, many places have a beach front that is open twenty-four hours per day. If you want to visit a nice hot spot for an evening, you will not have to go far in this country. So this is another great benefit of living in Malaysia.

Living in Malaysia also means that you will never miss out on the arts. There are numerous cultural festivals held every year and you will never be out of touch with the history and traditions of the country. So, if you do not mind going into the jungle you will always know where to find a good book or magazine.