Enjoying Life in Malaysia

Life in malaysia

Enjoying Life in Malaysia

Life in Malaysia is a tremendous experience for many expats from western countries like the USA and Britain. This exotic country on the tip of Southeast Asia contains much to offer in the way of cultural diversity. Spending some years in Malaysia could easily become a life changing experience. One can get away from the hectic life of the cities and enjoy the beauty of nature in rural areas.

Malaysia’s culture is also a great attraction. The people here are known to be warm and friendly by nature. They are always ready to share a meal, good laugh or a good laugh. You could try any fun-filled activities that will keep you busy for a long time in Malaysia. Here are some of the topmost cultural diversity and attractions in Malaysia that an expat could explore once he or she decided to relocate here:

Getting to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur (or just known as Kuala Lumpur), will take an expat couple more than a week. The largest city of Malaysia sits on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula. The bustling city has a very modern look with many gleaming skyscrapers. Many of the buildings have pools and shopping malls and even a sky train. Most importantly, the quality of education in Malaysia is very good so an expat living here can look forward to a quality working life.

While living in Malaysia, one can explore all the attractions of Singapore. While the country is known for its low cost of living, a working individual will be delighted at the low cost of living in Singapore. The nation offers an amazing variety of jobs such as offshore software development, offshore call center work, franchising, hotel management and many others. An expat will have a great chance to earn a good income working in hotels in Singapore. A typical working day in a hotel will include cleaning and general maintenance, catering and other related jobs.

For those who have a knack for languages, working in Malaysia would not be a disappointment as there are two official languages – English and Malay. Both these languages are spoken fluently by most locals. The government also promotes the use of English as a foreign language since it is widely used all over the world. In addition, expats will get a chance to practice their English through various programs organized by the British High Commission. The BHCC program enables Malaysians to speak and practice English – a key element in working in Britain. The government also hosts regular classes for English teachers, which are conducted by British nationals.

There are several local festivals celebrated in Malay and jai alai, the local language, and in other languages spoken by foreigners like Chinese and Indian. It is important to know these local festivals since they are an important part of traditional festivals. Many expats and locals alike to take part in these festivals, especially children. The children sing songs and dance in the colourful traditional costumes. Music is a very important part of the celebrations, especially for the jai alai.

Food is another significant part of life in Malaysia. There are innumerable Chinese, Indian and local eateries serving dishes from all over the country. Some of the famous eateries in Malaysia are MRT cafeteria, this restaurant, Chinese restaurant MRT, Chinese cafe, Indian restaurant etc. For the convenience of the expats, there are many hotels and restaurants that cater to different ethnic groups in Malaysia.

In spite of so much beauty and glamour, life in Malaysia is not without its stresses and strains. Life in Malaysia can be very hectic at times and there are times that the stress of life becomes unbearable. During such times, one needs to look for some time off from their daily schedule to relax and recuperate. Malaysia has various popular public holidays that are conducted throughout the year, such as Chinese New Year that falls on January February, Chinese full moon festival that falls on March, Japanese moon festival which falls in April, Malaysian public holidays in December, kicking off the Chinese new year with full moon festivities.