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Not long ago, the multi-millionaire philanthropist and internet entrepreneur turned real estate tycoon, philanthropist and Internet guru, turned entrepreneur and Internet marketing guru, George Soros visited Malaysia for a week’s trip, and ended it with a bang-up two-week stay at the luxurious Palm Springs, CA, world-renowned, Palm Springs, Ca. residence of the most exclusive resort in the West. While there, on the second day of his visit, the self-proclaimed “visionary” international tourist spoke of Malaysia’s online gambling industry and how it could one day rival the online gambling and gaming industries of Nevada, Caribbean Islands, and Mexico City (the home of the largest and most successful online casino in the world). At the same time, Soros gave some very important advice to potential entrepreneurs and business owners in Malaysia. In an interesting, somewhat controversial article, posted on the news site Asia Headlines, the self-styled “visionary” philanthropist called on Asian countries to “embrace their entrepreneurial potential and create massive new wealth generators.” And in what may be one of the most interesting articles he has written, titled,” Malaysian Online Gaming Industry – The Next Mega-industry,” Soros suggested that the multi-billion government, private, and local businesses of Southeast Asia should “re-examine their motives for operating their businesses.”

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In a May 8th article in the Wall Street Journal, a casino expert posited that the future success of online casino gambling in Malaysia and other Asian countries rests in part on its ability to attract local middle-class consumers. The article also suggested that casinos must be kept “cheap” so that they can attract these consumers and retain their loyalty. George Soros is a very rich man. It is likely that he has more money than he really needs or uses, but that does not necessarily mean that he is trying to play the nationalistic card, promoting the government’s own casinos as a shining example of free enterprise. One could view his comments on casino Malaysia online as another piece of advice to gambling operators here in Malaysia and all around the world.

As regards the government’s plan to open up a casino of its own, one wonders if it is really needed – especially when there are already well-established casinos of that type throughout the country. Even in neighboring Singapore, which has long prided itself on not taking the easy way out in terms of business, it appears that the government has learned its lessons from the past. After all, the nation’s long-time operator of casinos had to close down a number of its branches while it underwent an expensive and months long renovation process. The new casino promises to be much better managed, according to the government’s plans. Casino Malaysia online and real money play slots both seem to be on the verge of success.

There is no doubt that bonuses and attractive online casino Malaysia online slots bonuses have long been a staple of casino games, both classic land-based casino games and also those of the internet version. In online casino games, bonuses and special deals are using to draw players to the casino games, enticing them to play. These include deposit casino bonuses, progressive casino bonuses, combination bonuses, slot game bonuses, and video slot games. The purpose of all these bonuses is to entice people to play more of the games and, hopefully, earn the casino operator more money.

With casino Malaysia online and real money play slot machines, one can definitely expect to win. This is why casinos encourage players to play more tables and to play multiple casino games at the same time – in order to maximize their potential winnings. Of course, playing more table games means that players would also need to eat more meals, drink more drinks, and other forms of entertainment.

The real money in online casino gambling and real money playing of slot machines lies in the progressive slot machines. These are the ones with raised jackpots, which when won, provide the casino owner with a much greater financial reward. It is true that the larger the prize the bigger the casino owner’s wallet. On the other hand, with progressive casino bonuses and Atlantic casino bonuses, one can expect to win significantly larger amounts than what they could win with traditional casino methods.

The welcome bonus, which is part of almost every casino site, is another way of enticing people to play casino games on a casino site. A casino owner usually provides a casino welcome bonus as part of its signup bonus for new members. This welcome bonus may be a certain number of free spins on casino games (sometimes up to five spins), free spins on casino games (every time a player plays at least one slot game on that casino site for one hour), or other similar casino promotional offers. Players, most of the time, play slot games with this bonus expecting to win something and therefore they do.

The casino bonus system is designed to lure players into playing casino games on a regular basis. Most of these players end up playing at the casino for several months or years, in some cases even establishing a regular habit of playing there. Such players, in return, reward the casino with exclusive credit to use whenever they want to. For these members who keep on playing and paying their casino dues, casino Malaysia online sites earn their keep.