Malaysia Casino Law

Malaysia Casino Law The Kuala Lumpur Government has formulated a set of Malaysia Casino Law to regulate online casinos in the country. Although the law is not specifically aimed at online casinos, the operators of these betting and gaming sites are being watched by the Kuala Lumpur legislature with keen interest. This is because they

Finding a Malaysia Online Poker Room

Malaysian Online Poker Association (MOPA) is the governing body of poker in the country. It organizes a variety of online poker tournaments and activities. They also conduct a number of real money games which are also conducted online. It also organizes online casino nights in different parts of the country, sometimes in collaboration with other

Win Cash at King Box Casino in Malaysia

The KingBox Casino is an accolade winning high-end internet-based interactive virtual casino offering free sign up with free start up money. You can now enjoy the benefits of playing a myriad of casino games for free right from your home computer and even win real money. This multi-player flash casino has everything you could possibly

Enjoy Your Stay at Online Casinos in Malaysia

Not long ago, the multi-millionaire philanthropist and internet entrepreneur turned real estate tycoon, philanthropist and Internet guru, turned entrepreneur and Internet marketing guru, George Soros visited Malaysia for a week’s trip, and ended it with a bang-up two-week stay at the luxurious Palm Springs, CA, world-renowned, Palm Springs, Ca. residence of the most exclusive resort

Malaysia – Genting Casino Hotel

The Malaysia Genting Casino Hotel has become a popular destination for many tourists from around the world. The Malaysia Genting Casino Hotel situated at Sungai Jwa Kalam in the country’s east coast is a favourite place to play the popular game, card games, slots, poker and other card games. It is considered to be a