Genting Casino Vacancy

Genting Casino Vacancy With the Las Vegas Strip still swarms with tourists and the gambling industry in full swing, Genting Casino Resort is still vacant. This means there are no jobs for these people to occupy, nor are there any tenants to rent any of the condos and houses on the property. It seems the

Malaysia Casino Tax Hike

Malaysia’s Gaming Commission is planning to increase the existing casino tax in Malaysia from the current rate of 20% to include all new establishments under the classification of” Casino, Raffles and Poker Machine Gambling.” This move is being touted as a means of raising the country’s gambling potential and reducing reliance on external sources for

Life in Malaysia: From Pristine Backwaters to Subtropical Island Life

Life in Malaysia: From Pristine Backwaters to Subtropical Island Life Living in Malaysia is a really big experience for all working ex-pats. This incredibly multicultural country on the tip of Southeast Asia basically has everything to offer in terms of cultural diversity. Spending some good years in Malaysia will easily become a life changing experience.

Is Gambling Allowed in Malaysia?

Is gambling allowed in Malaysia? The answer is most certainly yes, as long as you follow the law and play by the rules. Gambling has been permitted in Malaysia since 1957, when it first joined the Asian Financial Superpower. Today, it is practiced widely, both for fun and for profit – with the state providing