Online Gambling Cases in Malaysia

Online gambling cases in Malaysia are now getting tougher. The law that governs casinos in Malaysia has been amended in a bid to stop money laundering and fraud. But the changes don’t really have anything to do with online gambling. Most Malaysians and foreigners are against online gambling. For them, it is the kind of

Gambling Advertising in Malaysia

Gambling Advertising in Malaysia The gambling advertising in Malaysia is largely dominated by gambling houses, casinos and pubs. This has led to the formation of a multitude of non-gambling marketing firms who deal directly with punters and gamblers. These firms advertise for the gamblers on their behalf. They are able to get a large number

Genting Casino Vacancy

There’s a lot of buzz going around about a new “genting casino vacancy” in Malaysia, but how real is the situation? Let’s take a look at what it looks like and whether or not it really exists. In theory, the location of a casino should be something that bettors should be interested in. After all,